Eklavya Chopra

eklavyachopra.com | ec18may@gmail.com
Github | LinkedIn | 8076049956


Programming: Python,C++, SQL, git, HTML/CSS

Familiar: MATLAB, R, Javascript, Mathematica


Cluster Innovation Center, Delhi ​ - Bachelor of Technology (2017-present)

  • Information Technology and Mathematical Innovations
  • Systems Biology (Minor), Expected July 2021.


Cluster Innovation Center, Delhi​ - Research Intern (MAY 2019 - AUG 2019)

  • Performed statistical analysis on tuberculosis infection data.
  • Worked on CNN based Deep Learning models for classifying frontal Chest X-rays for diagnosis for pulmonary tuberculosis using tensorflow.

DRDO, Delhi​ - Research Intern (MAY 2018 - JUL 2018)

  • Created mathematical models to simulate the spread of an infection in a population.
  • Analysed the different scenarios and factors for an infection to cause an epidemic.


Predicting Solar Power Generation from Meteorological Parameters

  • Created a neural network model for predicting solar power generation using meteorological parameters.
  • Performed comparative analysis with various machine learning algorithms.
  • Technology/Tools: Python, Matlab, WEKA

Cancer Classification using Gene Expression Data

  • Worked in a 2 person team to implement classification and feature extraction methods on cancer datasets.
  • Technology/Tools: Python

COVID-19 : Bioinformatic Analysis

  • Performed Comparative analyses of SARS-CoV-2 genomes from different geographical locations and other coronavirus family genomes
  • Technology/Tools: Python, Biopython, CLustalX2


  • Selected as one of the Top 5 teams out of 60 teams in Hackathon IDEA HACK.
  • Semi Finalist in Coding Competition consisting of debugging, competitive coding and blind coding at Hansraj College.